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Kitchen Services

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Kitchen Services

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Will your new bathroom exceed your expectations as a beautiful and functional space? It had better! Choosing the right company to remodel a room in your home is a decision you must make carefully and thoughtfully. Unlike buying a car, you cannot test drive a set of blueprints and renderings.

We invite you to ask questions, research us online and schedule a free in-person consultation. You should feel confident in the lasting quality of our work and comfortable with the working relationship we will share while designing and building you the most gorgeous bathroom in the neighborhood!

Allow a DreamMaker team member to help you transform your current bathroom into your ideal private getaway.

Knowing How You Will Use the Space Helps Workers Improve Functionality

  • Who will use it? Is it a master bath for you alone, you and your mate, or should it accommodate the whole family? Is it a space for guests or children? Will someone with limited mobility use it now or in the future?

  • Is individual space needed? Do you require one sink or two? Should dual sinks be completely separate or side-by-side? Are two medicine cabinets better than one?

  • What amount of counter space is ideal? If you require additional counter space, will the current bathroom footprint allow it or do you need to find additional space?

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